OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 48

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 48:


Dr. Edscott Wilson consulted the list about a problem he experienced when trying to add a package to his home project via osc addremove -r – he can only add the top directory. No subdirectories are not added (“skipping directory” message displayed for each), and with no directories, the package fails to build.

  • Answer: the addremove (ar) command in osc is only for packages, not projects. If you are about to import a bunch of packages, use osc add instead of osc ar.


Dr. Edscott Wilson asked the list what is the correct way to specify multiple spec files for different platforms.

  • Answer: Use the right namme for the spec file. For example, foobar-CentOS_6.spec instead of foobar-CentOS_CentOS_6.spec, foobar-RHEL_6.spec instead of foobar-RedHat_RHEL_6.spec


Hans-Peter Jansen asked the list how to correctly specify packages that need autoconf for building.

  • Answer: autoconf used to be included in the default build environment, but has since been removed. Therefore, the spec file should include BuildRequires: autoconf (or automake).


Malcolm wrote that, when he attempts to remove a repository via the web UI, it fails with error message “Failed to remove target ‘FOO_BAR’ Unable to delete repository; following repositories depend on this project: …” even though the repository/project no longer exists.

  • Answer: this operation is not supported in the web UI. Use osc meta prj -e -f $PROJECT instead.


Guillaume Gardet wrote about getting an “Unable to submit” error when he attempted a SR to openSUSE:13.1:Update via the web UI

  • Answer: use osc mr instead of the web UI
  • osc sr will also work, as osc will “auto-convert” the sr into an mr


Guillaume Gardet wrote about his travails getting PHP 5.4 to compile for SLE11-SP2. In the end, the problem turned out to be systemd-related lines in the %pre and %post sections of the spec file. These needed to be disabled for SLE11-SP2.

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