OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 50

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 50:


Olaf Hering wrote that he has a few packages that link to projects/packages on opensuse.org. In the last months every once in a while the packages will be stuck for days or even weeks with osc r -v showing: “blocked: openSUSE.org:PRJ/PKG: download in progress” Updating the package in opensuse.org to eventually trigger a rebuild did not change anything.

  • Answer: this is a bug, and it was fixed on December 19, 2013 with commit #71cf59b9. There are probably some old packages still hanging in “download in progress”, though.


Martin Koller asked the list about his situation, in which he is trying to cross-compile a 32-bit application on openSUSE 13.1 64bit. The problem is that his application requires some Qt5 libraries that are not available in 32-bit.

  • Answer: osc build i586 the missing libraries


Greg Freemyer wrote that sleuthkit suddenly stopped compiling in Factory, even though he hasn’t touched it for a month or more. It is failing in the devel project, but only for Factory.


In his quest to do osc copyproject without rebuilding binaries (and save the rebuild counter for future rebuilds), Kanstantsin Shautsou posted a number of technical questions that were answered by Michael Schroeder in the “withbinaries copyproject without rebuild” thread: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-buildservice/2013-12/msg00057.html


Adrian announced that Coolo and Christopher Hofman created an initial implementation of notification support in OBS. For the rest of the announcement, and the lively discussion that ensued, go to the thread on opensuse-packaging: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-packaging/2013-12/msg00054.html

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