OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 05

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 05:


In the OBS web GUI access to SR’s thread, Archie Cobbs reported that his “My Involved Requests” link seems to have disappeared from his home page in the OBS web UI, so he can no longer view his current and previous submit requests (SRs).

  • The link is not shown if the user does not have any current (open) requests.
  • There is no way to see past requests.


In the ARM build failures due to missing kernel-obs-build thread, Guillaume Gardet is seeing ARMv7 native builds fail on his private OBS instance. The error message is: getbinaries: missing packages: kernel-obs-build

  • kernel-obs-build is the kernel to be used within KVM. For a native build this should be an ARMv7 kernel. Probably the native kernel is missing. Guillaume can ignore the rule by adding VMinstall: !kernel-obs-build to the instance project.
  • This did the trick.


Rolf Krahl is trying to build for Ubuntu, but his packages are in an unresolvable state.

  • This is because the packages have dependencies in a “Universe” repository that is not imported to OBS due to legal issues.


In the Dep resolution in libreoffice broken when adding Requires(pre): %{name}-%{version} thread, Tomáš Chvátal found a bug in the specfile parser.

  • As a workaround, please use Requires(pre,): ...


In the PrivateOBS: Error when deleting ‘repository’ from Project thread, Dimstar is having trouble deleting a repo from a project in his private OBS instance.

  • After running the command RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate, everything is fine.


In the Build time resolver fails after newer package version was added to repo thread, Martin Weber has two versions (4.1 and 5.0) of a package in a single repository. In his BuildRequires: line, he has foo = 4.1 – now his builds are failing because the resolver only sees the 5.0 version.

  • There are two (and only two) options: either rebuild the newer-version package with a different package name, or put the two different versions in two different repositories.


In the AppStream AppData mega-thread, Satyajit Sahoo asks if OBS could support generating AppStream AppData, as this is the only way he can make my program appear in Gnome.

  • The good news is that OBS already generates AppStream data
  • The bad news is that there is no out-of-the-box, documented solution.
  • A good starting point would be to look at (and improve) the brp-extract-appdata package in openSUSE
  • For the gory details, read the thread.


Adrian announced the new “auto-cleanup” mechanism and policy for OBS. By default all default branch projects (home:$ACCOUNT:branches:…) get an attribute to self-destruct after a given time (currently 60 days). See the announcement for details.


Rolf Krahl would like to conditionally Prefer: a package. He has it working for RPM packages – is there a way to do this for deb packages as well?

  • Adrian: Yes, see the prjconf of Ubuntu:12.10 and specifically the ubuntu_version macro at the end.
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