OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 08

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 08:


In the kiwi prepare call optimization thread, Konstantin posted some suggestions for how the OBS call prepare step in the image build process could be optimized.


In the CI rights management thread, Sascha Peilicke announced that he reduced the list of ci.opensuse.org admins and rolled out a per-project ACL matrix that provides fine-grained rights allocation within each specific project. See the thread for details.


Andrew Wafaa wrote about his troubles with the OBS scheduler. He is having to wait a long time for OBS to build an image. Is there is a way to tell osc to use a local cache of packages?

  • Adrian replied that the ‘prefer packages’ switch should work for kiwi appliances, provided Andrew’s osc is not too old. The command would look something like this: osc build -p $DIRECTORY_WITH_RPMS ...


Darin Perusich would like to know if it is possible to get metrics for things like page views, downloads, etc, for one’s home repo from {build,download}.opensuse.org?

  • Adrian responded that there was code for this in the past, but it had to be removed because it was poorly written (too slow). Volunteers to implement this feature, please step forward.


In this thread a user reports getting ‘too much work for irq4’ and ‘efVarErrorUndefVarErrorUndefVarErrorUndefVarErrorUndefVarErrorUndef…’ messages in the remote build log messages when attempting to build a package on the OBS. The same package builds fine locally.

  • Adrian responded that the ‘too much work for irq4’ message is a standard VM issue that can be ignored. As for the ‘VarErrorUndef’ message, he does not see it. Currently, the RPM is missing the tarball due to a different version.
  • (The user managed to resolve the issue in the meantime)
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