OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 11

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 11:


In the linking with X11 in OBS thread, Roger Oberholtzer reports getting a link-phase build failure in OBS even though he can build the same package locally using the exact same commands he sees in the OBS log.

  • Marcus Meissner: The build system builds with --as-needed by default, your local system probably not.
  • This led to a discussion of why openSUSE doesn’t default to --as-needed and what could be done to prevent this issue in the future.


In this message, Darin Perusich asked how he could enable networking for build workers in his private OBS instance. He wants to build Java apps using maven.

  • Adrian responded that Darin could build inside of chroot (instead of using kvm), but this is not recommended. See the thread for details.
  • Rolf Krahl suggested a different solution.


Adrian announced Open Build Service 2.5 Release Candidate.


Guillaume reported a problem with an ARM build worker, armbuild13. All jobs scheduled on this worker are in schedule state, then it is in building state for a short time and again schedule state.

  • A deep technical discussion ensued. The host was not coming up properly after reboot, most likely due to bad memory.


In package rebuild is not triggered by dependent package rebuild, ukjung.kim has some inter-dependent packages in his home project and would like to trigger a rebuild if he changes a macro in the project configuration.

Adrian: build triggering does happen only when sources changed, rpms changed or dependencies changed. As long as you just change macros it will not happen. He will need to trigger a rebuild of a package that is Required by the other packages, then they will rebuild as well.


Guido Berhoerster would like to create a maintenance update for the lightdm package, but he gets a “broken link” error when he tries to mbranch it.

  • Adrian fixed it.


Kyrill Detinov gets a traceback when attempting to upload content to OBS using osc ci

  • Marcus Heuwe noted that the issue is already fixed in git master.


Damian Ivanov would like the list’s opinion on his idea of using a spec file

  • 2 Headers,2sources and a .pro file (uncompressed source) instead of the standard tar.gz(compressed source) + spec file approach.
    • Ruediger Meier noted that there are already packages using this approach, e.g. Base:System/hardlink
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