9 Image templates

Image templates are pre-configured image configurations. The image templates page (https://build.opensuse.org/image_templates) provides a list of these templates. Users can clone these templates and further configure them as they like.

9.1 Structure of image templates

As mentioned image templates are essentially pre-configured KIWI (http://opensuse.github.io/kiwi/) image configurations. As any KIWI configuration they usually contain a tarball containing image sources, a config.sh file and the KIWI configuration xml file.

In addition you can define an icon for your image templates by adding graphical image (eg. png, jpg) to your template sources and name it _icon. If that file exists, it will be used as icon for your image on the image templates page.


If you want to know more about KIWI images, please refer to Section 8.2.4, “kiwi appliance”.

9.2 Adding / removing image templates to the official image template page

The image templates page lists templates per project. New templates get added by setting the OBS:ImageTemplates attribute to a project. Any package container belonging to a project with that attribute will be shown on the template page.

Only admins can add / remove the OBS:ImageTemplates attribute from a project.

9.3 Receiving image templates via interconnect

If your OBS instance is connected to a remote instance via interconnect, OBS will fetch image templates from the remote instance and present it on the image templates page. They appear below the local templates.

Have a look at the Managing build targets - Interconnect chapter of the OBS Administator Guide to learn more about interconnects.

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