Open Build Service

The Open Build Service and its acronym OBS is used to speak about the server part of the build service. When speaking about OBS all possible instances are affected.

openSUSE Build Service

The openSUSE Build Service is the concrete instance of Open Build Service from the openSUSE project at


The Command Line Interface to work with an instance of Open Build Service called opensuse-commander with svn like handling. More info:


A software appliance is a preconfigured combination of an application (for example, a Web server) and its configuration, and includes an operating system (for example, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server). All these parts are integrated into a single image and can be deployed on industry hardware or on a virtual environment.


End User License Agreement. For software that needs a special license (usually non-open source) which the user has to agree to before installing.


KIWI provides a complete operating system image solution. It can create images for Linux supported hardware platforms or for virtualization systems.

Overlay Files

Files which are created, removed, or modified in your testdrive are considered as overlay files. These files can be added later as a supplement to your appliance.


Binaries are considered as build results of OBS Projects. Binaries can be reused in an environment to build further binaries. Currently OBS is supporting rpm, deb and all formats generated by KIWI.

GA Project

The GA project builds an initial release of a product. It gets frozen after releasing the product. All further updates get released via the Update Project of this project.

Update Project

The update project is a Release Project which provides official updates for the products generated in the GA Project. The Update project is usually linking (sources and repositories) against the GA Project.

Maintenance Project

The maintenance project is a project without sources and binaries, defined by the maintenance team. Incidents are created as sub projects of this project.


The maintenance incident describes a concrete problem and the required updates. If the problem exists for multiple code streams, one incident covers all of them. An incident is started by creating a maintenance incident project and the update get built here.

Release Project

A release project is hosting a release repository which is not building any packages ever. It is just used to copy sources and binaries to this project on a release event.

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