A brief introduction to the core fetures of the Open Build Service: Building a package from it's sources for multiple distributions and downloading it.

Learn how to collaborate on packages inside the Open Build Service: Branch a package, fix it and submit your changes back to the original package.


All the facts, features and the future of the Open Build Service
Source: OBS-Facts-Features-Future.odp

Learn more about the cross-architecture capabilities of the Open Build Service.
Source: OBS-Cross-Build.odp


This workshop is for packagers that want to use the OBS to produce binary packages from sources. Either for personal consumption or as part as a bigger project like a GNU/Linux distribution.
Source: OBS-Packager-Workshop.odp

This workshop is for members of open source projects or employees of software vendors that want to use the Open Build Service to deliver not only single packages but large collections of them, for instance a GNU/Linux distribution.
Source: OBS-Project-Workshop.odp