OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 04

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 04:


The saga of Hans’s OBS proxy continued. He described the exact steps he took to install and configure the proxy, but it still doesn’t work.

  • Martin Weber posted some possible fixes in this post – he is already running OBS behind a proxy, but this use case is not particularly well-tested.
  • Hans confirmed that Martin’s fixes worked for him.


In the osc problems with openSUSE 13.1 thread, Johannes confirmed that the directories in question are located on an NFS share, which would mean the problem might be related to bnc#857610.

  • Marcus triggered a new serve run in the devel:tools:scm repo, so a new package should have appeared there by now.
  • Johannes noted that the problem started after he upgraded to openSUSE 13.1 from 12.3. Also, the problem only appears on certain projects. Details in this post
  • Awhile later Johannes confirmed that the update fixed the problem.


In the Arch_Extra thread, Andreas Baumann has a question about the Arch_Extra repo, which doesn’t seem to have a maintainer. When he tries to build, he gets a message indicating that the krb5 package is missing. He would like to see the ArchLinux distribution kept up-to-date in OBS.

  • Michael Schroeder wrote that packages are synced automatically once a week, but new dependencies for “packman” must be added automatically to the “preinstall” list. Daily syncing would be possible if there was enough demand.
  • Andreas came back with some more packages that were needed, Michael added those as well, and Andreas confirmed that this fixed the problem.


Olaf Hering and Jan Engelhardt discussed the finer points of the _ignore_exclusive_arch macro on ppc64 and armv7l architectures in this thread.


In this thread, Olaf Hering asked about an issue that prevented further work on a package for which a SR to Factory is pending.

  • Adrian noted that the issue is an implementation detail in the factory-auto checker review script, and it is intentional – Coolo wants to see if the submitted source is working at all.
  • Coolo noted that the review state of factory-repo-checker can be seen by running osc rq show


In the osc kvm builds walkthrough thread, Wolfgang Rosenauer asked about documentation on doing kvm-based local osc builds.

  • Adrian’s answer: osc build --vm-type=kvm ... (assuming the system and kernel support kvm, of course)


Klaas Freitag notified the list of problems building for xUbuntu_13.10

  • The list referred him to the OBS 2.4.5 Release Notes, which say that an update of the perl-BSSolv package is needed.


Arsen Shnurkov would like to see OBS build packages for MacOS-X

  • Adrian wrote that OBS does not have parsers for the MacOS package format. Volunteers are welcome to work on this. Since MacOS-X is similar to BSD, such work could eventually lead to support for other BSD-like systems.
  • For details, see Adrian’s post


Andreas Hauffe is unable to find the nss-pam-ldap package for openSUSE 13.1. Jan Engelhardt suggested that he use sssd to connect to LDAP, instead. This works fine.

  • In response to the original question, Darin Perusich noted that the package names are pam_ldap and nss_ldap
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