Another Step in Connecting the Worlds of Users And Developers

As you the Open Build Service (OBS) connects the totally different worlds of End-Users and developers/packagers. This already works to the degree that everybody can download software, which got packaged in the OBS. Also the packagers already get feedback via download numbers, tags or rating within the web interface.

Andreas Bauer now added the next functionality in this context. All search results in the End User interface do offer now a link to the packager web interface from now on. Every user, with a standard openSUSE account can now do the ratings and taging there directly. This will help the to improve the search results for other users later on.

Also new is the bugreport link, this means end users can create bugreports for projects or packages hosted in OBS. Such a bugreport will get assigned to the person, which is defined as bugowner. At this moment only a few projects have this defined, so this is a call to all project or package owners to add yourself. This can be done easily in the web gui, simply add yourself again to the project, but switch to the "bugowner" role.

As usual, you can do this easily also in the meta data direct via adding the following line to the package or project meta data.

<person role="bugowner" userid="adrianSuSE"/>

The userid is the usual account name. You can do this easily via

osc meta prj -e YOU_PROJECT

or direct via the api