Open Build Service 1.7.2 Released

We are proud to announce the availability of the OBS 1.7.2 release.

The new version comes with a number of bug fixes, but also with some new features back ported from master branch. The new functionality allows to use existing LDAP servers for authentication. The new instances can be setup more easily now via the admin web interface, esp the OBS Appliance.

Special thanks go to James Oakley for his high quality bug reports and Luke Imhoff and David Greaves for their work on the LDAP support.

The release is as usual available via the git repository via packages from thw openSUSE:Tools project and via appliances for USB/HDD disk images, VMware or Live CD

####Changes since 1.7.1 release #####Backported new features:

  • Admin interface in the web interface can be used to connect against remote OBS instance link to user, role and permission handling

  • optional LDAP support for authentification. You need to install “ruby-ldap” package and configure the LDAP server in api config/enviroments/production.rb for this feature.

  • Support caching of packages for product builds by the worker.


  • Support build results with files larger than 4GB
  • nicer diff3 output by source server
  • sqlite3 setup problems fixed for webui
  • webui delayed_job startup failure fixed
  • worker vm setup fixes
  • a number of minor bugfixes

####Updater Information

Updater from 1.7 releases can just update the packages and restart all services.

Updates from earlier releases require manual steps afterwards, please check the README.UPDATERS file for details.