OBS 2.1.17 released

Yet another OBS 2.1 release is out there. 2.1.17 brings compatibility with OBS 2.3 instances and has an extra protection layer against programming errors on the rails level.


  • enforce rubygems < 1.6.0 to avoid runtime errors
  • update to version 2.1.17
  • Support linking to remote OBS 2.3 package which contains links with vrev attribute
  • Added new default targets for SUSE Linux Enterprise SP1 and SP2 builds
  • Removed RHEL-4 default target (EOL)
  • Additional protection layer against a possible undetect security leak due to mass-assignment handling


  • reopen not accepted reviews when re-opening a request
  • fixed icon links in distribution list
  • fixed execution with rails 2.3.8 on SLE 11 SP 1

Try OBS 2.1.17

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You can download all the OBS components (Clients, API, Server, Worker) from our download page and setup your own Open Build Service instance.