new osc 0.157.1 release

osc 0.157.1 release

We are happy to announce the osc 0.157.1 release. There are a lot of cool new features:

  • add git-like blame command for files
  • multibuild results are shown by default. Behavior can be switched with “osc results –no-multibuild”
  • _constraints can now be prechecked with “osc checkconstraints”
  • worker capabilities and information can be queried with “osc workerinfo”
  • “osc cat/less/blame” also work on checkout packages now
  • added multibuild (-M) to commands
  • new comment command (“osc comment list/create”)
  • fixed local build of kiwi images using obsrepositories://

Please use the new osc release and report bugs.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to osc!