Highlights of the OBS frontend development – Sprint 23

Here are the results the OBS frontend team has achieved in the last two weeks (2017-08-21 to 2017-09-01).

OBS 2.8.3 Release

We have pushed out version 2.8.3. Check out the announcement about all the cool new things we rolled into our stable release and download it.


Drop editing LDAP user accounts

If the administrator activated the LDAP mode, it should no longer be possible to edit the user's realname, email address, and password. Have a look into the next PR's:

Kiwi image editor

We are still improving the Kiwi Editor feature. Now we have added a cancel button in package/repository dialog to discard the last changes and a revert button for the whole Kiwi Image.

Have a look at the following PR's:

Add architecture and revert button

Kiwi Editor revert button

Add cancel button in dialog

Kiwi Editor dialog cancel button


Webui creates maintenance request without revision

Adrian created an issue, with the steps, reported by Andreas Stieger, to break the review proccess using the webui. This got fixed and tested in this pull request.

Project deletion creates a "zombie" project in the backend

Adrian reported an issue, about a problem when undeleting projects, the undelete command was disabled in a monkey patch to our production instance. Moisés superseded it with issue #3665 because the root cause was at deleting time of the project not at restoring time. This got fixed and tested in this pull request.

CI improvements

Make linter run first and do not run the rspec/functional tests if it fails

Now the linters are running before the whole test suite as a stage and if this fails the rest is not running. This prevent to run heavy/expensive tests to save some concurrent jobs on TravisCI.

Test suite migration

We continued migrating tests to Rspec:

  • Added a spec for ProjectController#status (PR#3652)


Backend::Connection to Backend::Api

We are moving the all Backend::Connection class to a module to create a layer of abstration. Now the urls calculations are now happening in the Backend::Api and not in the application code. See the following PR's:

  • Backend API class (PR#3640)
  • Refactor Backend::Connection (move start test backend and logger, etc) (PR#3662)
  • Refactor Backend::Connection calls - part 2 (PR#3657)
  • Refactor Backend::Connection calls - part 3 (PR#3676)
  • Refactor Backend::Connection calls - part 4 (PR#3678)
  • Refactor Backend::Connection calls - part 5 (PR#3688)