Release of the Open Build Service, Version 2.9

The Build Service Team is happy to announce the release of Open Build Service 2.9! :tada:

Among many bug fixes this release comes with a big bunch of features. Thanks to the new image template page you can branch images easily from an existing template and base your further work on it. With the kiwi editor you can further configure your image, add packages, repositories and all kind of things. All this is part of the SUSE Studio Express we started last year. Last but not least, the recently added EC2 cloud upload feature, allows you to directly upload your EC2 image from OBS to the Amazon Web Services (AWS). :cloud:

We revamped our notification system, including RSS Feeds for user’s notifications, RabbitMQ support, a nicer UI for the notifications page and much more.

A more detailed list of what we ship :ship: in 2.9 can be found in our release notes.

Try OBS 2.9

The latest OBS version version is always deployed to our reference server. You can try it out there.


Please read our setup instructions :memo: or better yet, use our appliance.

Upgrade to 2.9

If you already have a running OBS installation and want to update it, please read also the README.UPDATERS file about the necessary steps.

OBS Appliance users who have set up their LVM according to our documentation can just replace their appliance image without data loss. The migration will happen automatically.

We hope you like it! :green_heart: