The Beta Program

Do you want to try the latest features in OBS, even before they are released? Do you wonder how the development of OBS is going? Or, would you like to help us finding bugs? Then you will love the new beta program! :cupid: By joining the program, you will be able to try the latest features ongoing development and give us feedback on them.

What Does the Beta Program Include?

As the beta program includes the very new unreleased features, what it includes will change from time to time. Who knows what great features will be included in OBS in the future? :sweat_smile:

At the moment, when joining the beta program, you will notice that some pages (main page, package pages, etc.) look completely different. :scream: Those pages are the first results of the migration to Bootstrap, a newer and responsive UI technology. Stay tuned because there will be another blog very soon about this!

How to Join the Beta Program?

Joining the beta program is really easy! You can enable it in your profile page at by clicking on the Join public beta program link (you need to be logged in):

Page for the link 'Join public beta program'

And of course, you can leave the beta program at any time by clicking on the Leave public beta program link, which is shown in place of the Join public beta program link in your profile, once you joined the beta program.

How to Provide Feedback?

Is there something broken? Are there some flaws in a workflow? Do you have some improvements in mind? Let us know! You just need to open an issue on GitHub at Write a description of what the problem is and how to reproduce it. The more details you add, the better: screenshots, the url of the page, etc. Do not forget to mention that you have joined the beta program.

Before opening an issue, it is a good idea to check the issues list to avoid reporting a problem, which someone else has already reported. In case you have more information about an already opened issue, please add a comment with your findings. :wink:

Help Us

Join the beta program now and help us improving OBS. We are looking forward to hearing from you! :cupid: