Look Back at 2019

The year is coming to an end and we have stopped for a while to look back. Wow! :astonished: Time flies and we have lived a lot of experiences and achieved so many goals.

Bye :wave: :two::zero::one::nine: !!

Despite the changes experienced along the year, we are very proud of our achievements, especially the revamping of our user interface :heart_eyes_cat:. We opted for a new and well-known technology which made frontend code easier to maintain and more attractive for contributors. Now we are delighted with such a success, we received many contributions and feedback, and most of our users appreciate the fresh and modern look and feel of Open Build Service (OBS).

We have also given the first steps on developing a new Staging Workflow, planned to substitute the existing “OBS Factory”. The Staging Workflow MVP is currently being used for some projects in production. At the same time, some new commands have been added to allow users to deal with Staging Workflow through osc.

For a few weeks, we had the chance to collaborate with SCC Team. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about how another agile team works and also to create new bonds of friendship between teams :smile:. Although it was challenging to mix our two different working procedures, we managed to adapt and work better together. We are confident that we will accomplish our shared goals soon!

2019 was also the year of improvements. It was time to refactor the code base, fix old bugs and enhance our documentation and test suite. It even brought a new release! 2.10 is already out there. :rocket:

Figures speak for themselves, during this time we have integrated around 1343 Pull Requests that turns into 2024 new commits in OBS code base.


Thanks to all of you who have made this possible!!

Thanks to the contributors who provide remarkable improvements for OBS. Users who keep OBS alive and always gives useful feedback to make this tool even cooler, stable and robust. Our manager, always willing to help and encourage each of us to become better professionals and human beings. And our Team Members that always work as a whole. Some are not here anymore but left their fingerprint and others has just arrived and has become one of us :heart: so quickly.

And also thanks to all of you for reading our blog post! :bouquet:

2020 is around the corner and the list of New Year’s resolutions is even bigger!! Stay tuned to :two::zero::two::zero: first blog posts!!

Happy holidays :tada: and a happy New Year :fireworks: !!