Look at My Profile!

It’s time to roll out another new feature! The User Profile page redesign. After being in the beta program for a while, your feedback has been applied. Now, all OBS users can enjoy the new design of the User Profile page.

Check the differences between the following screenshots:

User Profile Before
User Profile Before
User Profile Before
User Profile After

With this new design, the page adapts better to all devices, especially those with smaller screens.

From now on, OBS users can introduce themselves. :smile: We have added a new Biography field to the user’s profile page. In a collaborative platform like OBS, we consider it’s really interesting to know a bit about each other. Where does this person work? What’s their background? How can I contact this developer? We will be able to answer some of these questions through the Biography field. Fill in yours!

Browsing the involved projects or packages of an OBS user has never been so easy and flexible. At a glance, one can see a paginated list of projects and packages where a user has one of these roles: Owner, Maintainer, Bugowner, Reviewer, Downloader or Reader. A set of filters can be combined to refine the search. Just adjust them, click on the Apply Filter button, and find what you are looking for.

We invite you to have a look at the blog post we published when we started to work on this feature: Navigation and Profile Page Redesign

How To Give Us Feedback

There are two ways to reach us:

Please note that we favor GitHub to gather feedback as it allows us to easily keep track of the discussions.