Notifications - Report of Build Failures for Web Notifications

You might already use the email channel to get notified about build failures on package builds. From now on you can also subscribe to receive those notifications through the web channel and review them directly in the Open Build Service.

The checkboxes in the my/subscription area, that used to be disabled, are now usable. Just check the ones you are interested in for the web channel and start to receive the notifications for build failures through the web interface.

A screenshot of the event subscriptions for build failures
Event Subscription for Build Failures

As with the other types of notifications, we provide a filter for them.

A screenshot of build failure notifications and filter
Filter Build Failure Notifications

No Notifications for User and Group Role Changes Triggered by Yourself

Previously you received notifications about role changes even when they were caused by yourself (in case you are subscribed to the relationship create or delete events). For example when you create a new project, you are becoming the maintainer of it by default. Do you want to get notified about that? Probably not, you know you’ve created it and you are the maintainer. So we considering those cases now and don’t send out a notification anymore.

How To Give Us Feedback

There are two ways to reach us:

Please note that we favor GitHub to gather feedback as it allows us to easily keep track of the discussions.