Lots of Notifications?

This time we’re gonna talk about notifications. Those of you that joined the beta program gave us some feedback about them. It’s never too late to join the beta program ;)

Maybe you are part of some group, like opensuse-review-team, that receives lots of notifications. How do you deal with all those notifications on your notifications page? Clicking one by one, on their ✓ button?


Dealing With a Lot of Notifications

Marking a lot of notifications as “read” one by one is a waste of time. And nobody likes wasting time!

The notifications page now has a button at the top of the list to mark as “read” several notifications at once.

You don't have to click through your 4000 notifications.

Show all will make all your notifications visible, and Select all will mark all visible notifications as selected. With those two actions, you’ll be able to deal with tons of notifications in no time.

Better Notifications

The notifications list suffered from a bit of information overload: there was a lot to tell and it was scattered left and right. Now, the information is grouped together accordingly to the what and the where, so you just need a quick glance to know what’s happening.

The 'where' is at the top, the 'what' is at the bottom

Getting Things Done

By clicking on a notification’s subject, you can visit the request, project or package that caused that notification. After answering the comments or handling the request, you could go back to the notifications list to mark them as “read”. There’s no need to do so since there is now a toolbar at the top of the page to do it.

How To Give Us Feedback

There are two ways to reach us:

Please note that we favor GitHub to gather feedback as it allows us to easily keep track of the discussions.