Request Page Redesign - Build Results with a Pinch of Salt

Once again, we worked on the request workflow. This time we have delivered a renovated interface to show the build results, ready to be consumed by the most demanding palates. Besides that, we have cooked up a couple of additions arranged on several tabs for the hungriest. Just keep reading, help yourself and enjoy.

The request redesign is part of the beta program.

We started the redesign of the request workflow in August 2022. Then, in September 2022, we focused on the support of multi-action submit requests. We continued in October 2022 with improvements regarding the Build Results tab and superseded conversations, and we presented build results with a pinch of salt in November 2022. In January 2023, we worked on facilitating the review process. In February 2023 we enhanced the review process with comments on changes. Later, in April 2023, we focused on improving the comments on changes and supporting new types of actions. In June 2023 we worked on maintenance action types. In July 2023 we introduced Set Bugowner action and diff comments for non-beta users. In September 2023 we focused on Build Results Summary Gets Into Shape. Later 2023, in November, we added the Build Status Refresh and Other Insights on Our Request Page. The year 2024 started with Revamping the Request Build Status Page and Introducing the Dark Mode. We continued in February with Build Results Summary Chart Links to Build Results Overview. And now we did some Improvements On the Redesigned Request Page.

Build Results Tab

We have improved the design to make it easier to perceive the status of your builds. Essentially, we have compacted the information we display, and made the most of the horizontal space. Moreover, we have represented the wide variety of build results’ statuses using only 4 different colours, applied to the icon and the left line:

  • Green: for successful build results,
  • Red: for build results that are in an unsuccessful final status,
  • Yellow: for builds which are not in a final status yet,
  • Grey: for excluded or disabled builds.
A screenshot of the New Build Results Design
New Build Results Design

Conversation Tab

Maintainers Section

We have brought back the maintainers section. The project and package maintainers are displayed under the Reviews section.

A screenshot of Maintainers in Request Conversation
Maintainers in Request Conversation

Auto Acceptance

Now you can easily detect when a request can be automatically accepted.

A screenshot of the Auto Acceptance
Auto Acceptance

RPM Lint Tab

We have also brought back the RPM lint results of your packages’ builds. But now it is displayed in an independent tab, so you can take advantage of the whole width of the viewport.

A screenshot of the RPM Lint Results
RPM Lint Results

Mentioned Issues Tab

And last but not least, the issues mentioned in your request are listed in one single place: the Mentioned Issues tab.

A screenshot of the Mentioned Issues
Mentioned Issues

How To Give Us Feedback

There are two ways to reach us:

Please note that we favor GitHub to gather feedback as it allows us to easily keep track of the discussions.