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13 Basic Concepts and Work Styles

These best practices should be known by every OBS user. They describe how to set up projects and working with own or foreign sources.

13.1 Setup a project reusing other projects sources

You can also setup your own project using the sources, spec files and patches from another project and develop within this project.


By default, Open Build Service will strip the maintainer info and now make it part of your own project. To clarify, when we speak of a project, it can mean just one package or a complete set of packages with their own build dependencies.

13.2 Contributing to External Projects Directly

In case a user does not have commit permissions for a project, they can request maintainership permissions for this project. This makes sense if the user is already known to the project owners and they trust them as a maintainer. There is a way to do this via the request system of OBS, but only via osc so far:

# osc createrequest -a add_me maintainer PROJECT

13.3 Contributing to Foreign Projects Indirectly

Users who are new to a given project, either because they are new users with Open Build Service or packaging or do not have any deeper knowledge about a certain project will not have direct commit permissions. However, they can still create a copy of any package source and ask back to merge their changes. Open Build Service has support to make this easy.

Wiki reference: User comment page

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