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17 osc Example Commands

This chapter explains and shows OSC commands examples. You could use OBS much more efficiently with OSC commands. $man OSC will show you [GLOBALOPTS], SUBCOMMAND, [OPTS][ARGS....]. You also could find some OSC commands examples from OBS Build Service portal. This chapter will take every OSC command examples from OBS Build Service portal and describes it in here. You could visit Build Service portal OSC command explanation at https://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/CLI.

17.1 Package Tracking

With osc it is also possible to manage packages in a SVN like way. This feature is called package tracking and has to be enabled in ~/.oscrc's [general] section

# manage your packages in a svn like way
do_package_tracking = 1

Add a new package to a project

osc mkpac [package]

Add an already existing directory and its files to a project

osc add [directory]

Remove a package and its files from a project

osc deletepac [package]

All the commands above only change your local working copy. To submit your changes to the buildservice you have to commit them (osc ci -m [message]). The status command also displays the state of the packages

osc st