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Part V Best Practices

12 Using the OBS Web UI

This chapter explains and shows how you could use OBS Web UI. We will show and use OBS Web UI based on http://build.opensuse.org. You need to make an account first to follow this chapter contents.

13 Basic Concepts and Work Styles

These best practices should be known by every OBS user. They describe how to set up projects and working with own or foreign sources.

14 How to integrate external SCM sources

Application development usually happens in SCM systems like git, subversion, mercurial and alike. These external sources can be used directly in OBS via source services. OBS will always keep a copy of the sources to guarantee that the build sources are still available even when the external SCM serv…

15 Publishing Upstream Binaries

This chapter covers main step of using OBS to publish binaries of your project for multiple distributions.

16 Bootstrapping

This chapter explains Boot strapping. In this chapter, You would learn how you could have other OBS projects and packages to your local OBS instance after your OBS install. There are some useful OSC commands examples and OBS working mechanism explanation in this chapter also. Basically this chapter …

17 osc Example Commands

This chapter explains and shows OSC commands examples. You could use OBS much more efficiently with OSC commands. $man OSC will show you [GLOBALOPTS], SUBCOMMAND, [OPTS][ARGS....]. You also could find some OSC commands examples from OBS Build Service portal. This chapter will take every OSC command …

18 Advanced Project Setups

These best practices describe more complex setups, for example how to rebuild an entire stack with minimal effort.

19 Building Kernel Modules

20 Common Questions and Solutions

This currently an unsorted list of asked questions.

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