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Part IV Usage

5 Basic OBS Workflow

6 Local Building

Every build which happens on the server can also be executed locally in the same environment using the osc tool. All what you need is to checkout the source code and build the build recipe. The following explains it for RPM format, but it works for any. osc will download needed binaries and execute the local build.

7 Using Source Services

Source Services are tools to validate, generate or modify sources in a trustable way. They are designed as smallest possible tools and can be combined following the powerful idea of the classic UNIX design.

8 SCM/CI Workflow Integration [Beta Feature]

That means the development of this feature is still in progress and under constant revision. We can substantially change this feature throughout the process or even discard it. Make sure to check back before reporting problems.

9 Staging Workflow

This API provides an easy way to get information about a single or all staging projects like state, requests and checks. Note: To use this API, you first need to setup a staging workflow for a project.

10 Notifications

That means this feature is only available through our Unstable project which we deploy on public OBS instance, but is still not part of an OBS release.

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